Charles E. Winburn, M.Ed.

Charlie Winburn graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Masters Degree in Education/Social Foundations and earned a Certificate in Authentic Leadership Development from Harvard Business School.

Winburn has been married to Coleen Winburn for almost 39 years and has four children.

He grew up in 17 foster homes and lived in Allen House in Price Hill for two years, a former shelter for children.

Winburn served on Cincinnati City Council for 15 years and was appointed by former Ohio Governor Bob Taft to be a member of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission for six years. He has more than 35 years of exemplary public-service leadership in Ohio.

Charlie Winburn has fought hard for 27 years in working to improve the quality of life for everyone:

Pro-family and a strong supporter of families and children.

Supports limited government and the use of taxpayer dollars to expand our tax base by growing businesses and creating jobs without raising taxes.

While on City Council, Winburn opposed all Hamilton County efforts to raise earned-income taxes, jail taxes, street-car taxes, real-estate taxes, park taxes and sales taxes. He also opposed proposals to raise water and sewer taxes on the backs of the citizens of Hamilton County.

As chairman of Cincinnati City Council’s Budget and Finance Committee for four years, he led the way in establishing a structurally balanced budget after years of city budget deficits. He has more than 15 years of budget and finance experience serving on Cincinnati City Council.

Also as chair of that committee, he played a key role in moving the city’s pension system toward solvency.

As chairman of the City Council’s Jobs Growth Committee, Winburn’s initiatives led to collecting more than $1.5 million in taxpayer dollars through his Second Chance Amnesty Program.

As the city’s budget chairman for four years, he fought to prevent layoffs of police officers and firefighters. Winburn led the way in fighting for more public safety officers.

In October 2019, attended the Center for Public Investment Management CPIM Boot Camp in Cleveland, sponsored by Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague. The CPIM Boot Camp focused on market updates, basics of borrowing, basic investing, cybersecurity, financial technology trends, digital transformation and block chain. This boot camp is designed for county treasurers’ continuing education.